LS049 – Jonathan Kemp

This week’s show features Malcom in conversation with the writer Jonathan Kemp.

Jonathan’s debut novel London Triptych was published last summer by Myriad Editions to rave reviews. Jonathan tells Malcom of his own experiences in the city and describes the inspirations and motives for writing the book.


Three men, three lives and three eras sinuously entwine in a dark, startling and unsettling narrative of sex, exploitation and dependence set against London’s strangely constant gay underworld. Rent boys, models, aristocrats, artists and gangsters populate this bold debut novel as the lives and loves of three men interweave in three distinct and pertinent historical periods.




Here’s a clip of┬áMich Jamieson and David Hoyle reading from London Triptych at the book’s launch last year.


London Triptych was shortlisted for the Green Carnation Prize and has been nominated for The Authors Club Best First Novel Award 2011.

Jonathan teaches creative writing and comparative literature at Birkbeck and his second novel, Hannah Rose, will be published in Spring 2012.

Originally broadcast March 25th 2011 on Resonance 104.4FM.

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One Response to “LS049 – Jonathan Kemp”

  1. Dean Ismail says:

    I just finished this book – and what a pleasure it was.
    Its episodical structure, with gaps of 50 or 60 years between them is amazingly effective.
    Whilst the main characters are of different ilks, the overarching theme of survival, longing, love and loneliness make this book coherent.

    Whilst erotic at times, it never goes beyond what’s necessary to the integrity of the plots and the characterisations.

    Peppered with nice little surprises along the way, both in the story as well as the proses.

    This book has some of the most beautiful proses that I have come across – and which flows naturally.

    There are moments of nostalgically tear-jerking that are both poignant and reflective.

    Check it out!